Many managers and business owners do not understand the importance of good leadership. I quit my job and started working for myself last year, because for the last 3 years I cannot pinpoint one good manager, one great leader, I have worked with or under.

Poor leadership was the reason for a lot of my frustrations, my homesickness to Belgium, but in a way it also fed my desire to break free and start working for myself. Now, you would say that this has been a blessing in disguise since I was actually able to start up a project that would make me independent from day-jobs. I would be able to travel the world with a laptop lifestyle. Yes, indeed – but what I wanted to showcase here is that poor leadership will lose you valuable employees. And these employees will not just start their own business, they will run to your competition.

I understand that being a great leader, an amazing manager, is maybe even the most important part of running a business. Not only will you motivate your employees, your team – these people will WANT the company to do well, they WANT you to succeed. The last thing you would want is a group of people that ticks out at 6 sharp and literally does not care at all once they step outside.

This book is a great guide on how to process the inner changes that are needed to transform yourself into a great leader – transforming from a crocodile into an owl. This book is all about unlocking your own desire to grow. Not only grow as a leader – but also grow as a person. Because no matter how many books on leadership you read; as long as you are unable to grow as a person, that change will not be seen in your leadership.

Even though this book is aimed at b2b leadership, I took away a lot of great key points. I really feel that I benefited professionally and personally from this book and wish I had enough money to send this to my ex-bosses ?

I found it very easy to connect with Hylke. Maybe it is because we used to be neighbours – well, our countries were. Maybe it is because this book is exceptionally well-written, but when reading through this book it feels as if you are having a conversation with your mentor.