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Review: The Devil You Know – Elaine Ewertz

I love weekends. Weekends are for reading. And this weekend I read ‘The Devil You Know’ by Elaine Ewertz.


Dr. Cecilia Harper thinks her secret is safe.

She has dedicated her life to saving others and hiding the terrible truth will help save her career. But when a strange man comes along who somehow knows her dark secret, the cost required to keep it hidden may be too high.

Then she discovers the mysterious Aiden is more than just a man who can destroy her life and all she’s worked for. He’s an ancient Celtic demigod with supernatural powers that make her question reality at every turn. And he has secrets of his own—including the real reason he came into her life.

Cecilia must find out the truth or be doomed to be controlled by an ancient demigod. If she doesn’t figure it out in time, the price she pays may be her life.


The Devil You Know is a great and captivating read. I literally finished it in two days as I could not put it down. I even read it while cooking! It now has big tomato thumbprints across some of the pages and I could not care less as I enjoyed every single word of it.

The Devil You Know is an amazing story where the protagonist has more courage than you might think, and the Celtic Demigod keeps you guessing for his intentions. It is an amazing start for the series and I can imagine everyone reading the first book cannot wait to get their hands on the second.

The book has amazing plot development and character arches. The only thing I would say is that the pace in the book shifts throughout the book. But other than that it is an amazing read.


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