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Can you still trust Amazon Reviews?

Have you ever read a book and thought: how in the Hell did this book get so many 5-star reviews on Amazon? Me too.

A couple of months ago, I received a book that is so bad I have no idea how to put a review down in words without sounding like an absolute fuckwit. The worst part? The book has almost exclusively 5 star reviews on Amazon!

So how is it possible that a book like that – a book my husband and my friends thought was absolutely awful, get so many reviews? Well after closer inspection, the author herself had posted the reviews. And it was done quite ingenious actually. Whenever a blogger would ask for a physical copy she would OR ask her friends to send it out and then leave a review OR set up a new account and send the book and write the review from that new account.

I was so mad when I found this out. Damn! This is conning people! I would not be this mad if the book was okay – passable. If the book was not full of mistakes, if the writing wasn’t fucking bad, if the publishing quality was not fucking bollocks.

I know reviews are incredibly important when selling your book, but conning people is not the way to do it. You will always be caught out. And there is nothing worse than being caught by a paying customer as their reviews will be more than honest, they can be book-destroying!

I just don’t trust Amazon book reviews anymore. If this author is doing it. Who else? But is there any website or review system that is not susceptible to fraud? I honestly don’t know. I have noticed readers are much more honest in their reviews on Goodreads. Maybe that is where I will need to check out my books first before accepting reviews.

I still feel so cheated by this author – but then again: I will not let her get away! You can trust on that!

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