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Review: The Fun Formula: How Curiosity, Risk-Taking, and Serendipity Can Revolutionize How You Work by Joel Comm

I absolutely love business and self-help books. I requested The Fun Forumula because this book seemed right up my street.


The demands of work and the breakneck pace of technological change wear heavily on all of us, whether we are employees at a large company, solo workers in the gig economy, or entrepreneurs launching a new venture. The “hustle-and-grind” lifestyle that we’ve been told is essential to success actually leads to physical ailments, emotional burnout, and a darkness in the soul. But Joel Comm has found a better way.

In The Fun Formula, Comm reveals that the best path to success—in work and in life—is to focus on our passions, curiosity, and the things that bring us great pleasure. Doing this leads not only to more dramatic results in whatever we do, but also to a more fulfilling life. Using entertaining stories and illuminating anecdotes from Comm’s own life and those of others, famous and not, The Fun Formula lays out a plan for making the subtle changes to our thinking and routines that will enable us to design the life we truly desire: one of significance and joy.


Last year I decided to quit my job. I left a very well paid job as a marketing executive and decided to start up a digital marketing agency with some friends. My husband and I had decided that actually, we wanted to travel the world. He would become an international teacher, and if I wanted to join him, I needed to build a laptop lifestyle for myself.

The job I left was not necessarily a job I loved – so I was quite relieved when I handed in my notice. But what happened? My mood changes: I became happier, I had less stress and I actually enjoyed marketing!

And that is what this book is about: Finding your passion, finding what makes you happy and doing it. Did I pick up a lot from this book? No, as I feel that this book is mostly aimed at people that are still stuck in the corporate rat race. But I did enjoy reading it! There are loads of great and funny lessons the author learnt in the business himself.

I would most definitely recommend reading this book if you are ambitious, if you want to travel, if you want a better work-life balance or if you are incredibly passionate about something!

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