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Review: Networking Kills – success through serving by Mark Maxwell

I am a lousy networker. Like: super duper lousy. Why would anyone want to talk to me? I can’t just go up to someone and start talking to them – can I? Not without at least 2 glasses of merlot…

I thought this book would help me. I have read a lot about how the old kind of networking: getting in contact, going for a coffee – maybe just meeting at a networking event, and then only talk when you need something, is on the out. I read about how unconditionally helping people, how genuinely wanting to see people succeed, was the best way to build relationships and networks. So yeah: me as a non-native English speaker thought that serving meant “serving others”. As in: helping people. Oh boy, was I wrong…

This is the biggest bullshit I have ever read. Literally. I have read so many self-help, marketing and business books, and I have never ever read anything this ridiculous.

Maxwell basically takes this new kind of networking – genuinely helping others, but just lathers it with Christian humble jumble.

As a European I am just completely flabbergasted! I have always known that Americans are very extreme in their religious views, but it is something completely different to read this in a self-help book.

Overall the information in this book is okay-ish. Nothing new – in fact, where other books would be filled to the brim with great information, tips and helpful tricks, this one boasts “”””inspirational”””” stories and reasons why God agrees that this is the best way to network, – sigh.

Really: if you want to work on your networking skills, if you want to genuinely help people and build lasting relationships, there are SOOOO many other books that are worth your time and money. Just not this one. Especially if you aren’t a bible thumper.


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