As a marketer, I hear a lot of my colleagues talk badly about influencers. In fact – influencer-bashing is one of their favourite pastimes. I just don’t get why. Yes indeed: I know and have worked with some absolutely awful people that have 200K followers on Instagram. But it would be wrong to think everyone who calls him of herself an influencer is a stuck up bag of blubber brains.

I have read a lot of books on influencers and influencer marketing that seem to agree with these nagging colleagues of mine. They like to talk about how you should work with influencers – even though they grab every opportunity to minimise the impact on your campaigns or to bash “stuck up trollops” with Instagram accounts.


You know. I was so happy when I read influencer. Not only does this book give amazing information for people wanting to learn more about becoming an influencer, it is also surprisingly open about the lifestyle. Where a lot of authors, marketers, agents and influencers only want to show you how amazing the life of an influencer is – Brittany is very honest about how hard influencers and bloggers have to work to grow their audience, to promote brands and to earn their first few dollars.

There are a lot of companies out there that are “helping” bloggers and influencers – read: they rip off bloggers. I am not looking at any company in particular, but asking people to buy the product they will be reviewing – and then not even paying them after they have bought the product and promoted it, is just simply criminal.

Anyway – what I wanted to say was that this book will help you to stay out of traps and stay on the right track. It also shows that in fact: there are no shortcuts in becoming an influencer. I am very happy about this as I have read too many books promoting bogus tools that can only harm your account and your personal brand.

I absolutely loved this book for the many tips, tricks and honest information. The information is toped up with influencer insights: real influencers talking about their experiences. Damn! Such amazing knowledge being shared. It is literally as if you bought a $200 ticket to a massive influencer convention and got to hear 50 key note speakers – but then in a $15 book.

Is this worth a buy? Yes. Bloggers should definitely add this book to their collection. It is such a definitive guide of influencer knowledge that it positively deserves a spot on your book shelve! And the cover would fit lovely in a flatlay ?