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How Publisher Rocket saves you time! – Publisher Rocket Review

It took me quite a long time before I could bring myself to cash out almost $100 for Publisher Rocket. I am one of those people that is a bit adverse to spending tons of money (especially  when makes sense to stretch every penny).

I had read so many great things about Publisher Rocket on forums, websites and Facebook groups such as 20booksto50k that one day I got up, grabbed the credit card and bought Publisher Rocket with sleep still burning in my eyes.

I debated for 30 minutes whether or not I should just cancel and ask for a refund – I had not installed the program by then, and ultimately my husband came storming in and told me to man up, told me that $100 is not that big of a deal and that if this will help me and my career that I am very stupid for not having bought Publisher Rocket earlier.

And he was right.

He was so damn right.

I think as female authors and bloggers we often want to justify purchases that would benefit an activity that is important to us but that other people see as “a hobby” – yes, like writing or blogging!

In the end, no matter how hard we work and how good we are at what we do, if we do not invest in ourselves and the things that matter, we will never hit our goals. Serena Williams is not playing with a $5 racket from Wallmart, is she?

I installed KDP Rocket – or Publisher Rocket as it is called now, and was absolutely BLOWN AWAY by the amazing insights I got into the publishing world!

Let me tell you how it works and why I love Publisher Rocket so much!

What is Publisher Rocket?

There are many authors out there who have no idea what Publisher Rocket is or does – and that is okay! Many authors start writing first and only do some research once they hit a bump in the road.

That’s what I used to do!

Anyway, Publisher Rocket is a program that lets you snoop into profitable niches and great keywords on Amazon, but also lets you keep a keen eye on your competition.

It is one of the best tools there are when you are writing a book – or when you have a great idea, and you want to find out whether or not there is an audience for your book or idea.

publisher rocket review for website

Publisher Rocket 2.0: What can you do with Publisher Rocket?

Publisher Rocket 2.0 has 4 distinct features that will help you navigate Amazon and make sure that your book is seen and bought by potential customers.

The 4 distinct features are:

  1.      Keyword Search
  2.      Competition Analyser
  3.      Category Search
  4.      AMS Keyword Search

Let’s have a closer look at these 4 features and how they can make your life as an author easier and save time.

As it is easiest to explain these features through giving examples, I will act as if I am writing and publishing a Paranormal Young Adult book that revolves around demons and demon hunters and as if I am researching this niche to have a look at what is going on!  

1. Keyword Research

publisher rocket review

The first feature on Publisher Rocket is Keyword Research. This feature lets you research keywords connected to your book.

When I enter the keyword: Demon Young Adult I see that there are authors out there who are earning a serious amount of money! (wow!!). I also notice that there are a lot of books out there and that the competition score is quite high. This means that I will have to have a great marketing campaign in place before I launch because the competition will be fierce!

Now let’s have a look at the other books in this category by clicking competition.

2. Competition Analyser

competitor analysis publisher rocket

When you click “Competition” Publisher Rocket will analyse the first 10 results from your keyword search. You can also instantly see this result by inserting your keyword under the Competition Analyzer feature.

When looking at the competition we can see the book cover and the book title. I think it is amazing that you can see the book cover as the cover is a very important part of publishing your book. It is in fact the first thing customers will notice when browsing Amazon and thus you need to make sure your book has a great cover that fits the genre and the expectations.

Looking at the book covers of the first 10 results will give you an insight into what style you need to go for in order to make the cover fit your genre.

Next up you will notice the title and the type of book. You can also click the link to see the book data which will let you switch between ebook and paperback book. This can be very handy to notice the difference in sales and customer interest when it comes to also publishing paperback books.

The next column will show you how old the book is. Age on Publisher Rocket is expressed in days. “Age 8” means that the book was published 8 days ago. ASBR refers to the Amazon Ranking of the book and KWT and KWST will let you know whether the book has the keyword in the title or in the subtitle.

Next up you can see the daily and the monthly sales. This is where it gets interesting as you will be able to get a great overview of how much the book is currently earning. I use this feature not only to determine whether or not a certain niche is worth writing in, but also when working with clients and marketing books.

Clicking on check it out will bring you to the sales page of the book.

I encourage you to check out the sales page as the this page might give you a deeper and further insight into why the book is doing well. Have a look at the keywords used, the blurb, the reviews and the genres the book is categorised in.

3. Category Search

category search publisher rocket

Researching categories is very important when you want to publish your book. It might be very easy to become a bestseller in certain categories, but that doesn’t mean people also spend much time (if any!) looking in that category.  What use is it to be a bestseller with 5 sales to your name in a category nobody clicks on?

Thanks to Publisher Rocket Category Search you can now easily take a deeper look into certain categories and determine whether or not your book would be successful in that category.

First you need to choose a category and determine whether you want to research books or ebooks. As I am “publishing a demon paranormal young adult book” as an example, I chose science fiction and fantasy.

On the first page I already get an overview of the categories that might be of interest. Publisher Rocket also provides me with the Amazon rank of the no. 1 best seller of the category. This will help me understand how many books you need to sell to become no.  1 in the category.

Under sales to #10 Publisher Rocket will show how many sales I need to make until I reach the top 10 of that genre. Again: this helps me to understand how much competition there is. You can clearly see the difference between Science Fiction and (for example) Classics as a subcategory. It will be easier to get into the top 10 of Classics than it is to get into the top 10 of Science Fiction.

Next column will tell you what the ASBR is of no. #25 in that category. Obviously: the higher the ASBR the easier it is to wedge yourself between No. 1 and No. 25! This result, for instance, teaches us that it is fairly easy to get into the top 25 results of LGBT Fantasy. You need 14 sales in LGBT Fantasy to reach nr 25 as shown in the “Sales to 25” column.

If you want to check out the category page yourself you can do so by clicking “Check It Out”.

4. AMS Keyword Search

AMS Keyword Search will help you look for ranking keywords to use in your title, your blurb and your Amazon ad campaigns.

You might already have some keywords in mind before publishing your book – and that is fine, but you might want to run the keywords through AMS Keyword Search on Publisher Rocket just to be sure, and to find other keywords related to your book or story you had maybe not considered!

Go through the keywords, perhaps even export them and analyse the competition when the keywords make sense in the context of your story or book.

This way you can make sure your book is ranking for profitable keywords but doesn’t get lost in the noise. AMS Keyword search will also help you to finetune your Amazon Ad Campaigns, ultimately saving you effort and money while bringing in valuable customers.

Overall conclusion on Publisher Rocket

You probably saw this coming, but I absolutely LOVE Publisher Rocket! There is nothing worse than hitting publish and hearing crickets chirp when nobody buys your book.

Publisher Rocket takes away the guessing and leaves you confident that you chose categories and keywords that will help your book climb the search – and Amazon rankings.

I cannot recommend Publisher Rocket more!

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