The Siren Dead by C.F. Harrow Review

When C.F. Harrow gifted me this book, I had no idea what to expect. I had guessed it would be an epic adventure – and boy! I was right! C.F. Harrow sets out an action packed story filled with love and scenes you want to keep rereading!

The Siren Dead Boob Blurb

The Siren Dead tells the story of Ariadene and Lyxander.

Ariadene was a refugee, displaced from her home by the war between the ancient powers of Archea and Tyria. Ariadene’s beauty caught the attention of a cruel Archean General, and her family’s desperation pushed her toward him. But Ariadene favoured Preneus, a disguised Prince of Tyria.

Twenty years after the fall of Tyria, Lyxander is the first to ever escape the island prison that holds Tyria’s taken children. Some believe that Lyxander is the son of Preneus, and the heir of Tyria’s toppled throne. To prove himself, Lyxander will have to make a treacherous journey through Archea in search of Ariadene, who is the only one who can tell him what really happened when the great city of Tyria fell.

The Siren Dead Review

The Siren Dead is a self-published book by C.F. Harrow. I am always a bit tentative accepting self-published books for review as in my experience – not everyone puts a lot of time and detail in publishing their manuscript.

C.F. Harrow did. I like the cover in its simplicity and the design and typesetting of the book all feel very professional and very well thought off. I can only applaud this.

The book starts with Lyxander, a Tyrian who is to be sold into slavery. He tries to flee the caravan with his best friend and companion Lymeda. When Lyxander and Lymeda leg it down the woods and over rocks to their freedom, Lyxander has to find a way out of the river he fell in and protect Lymeda who has been stopped by guards. The pair overpower the guards and decide to steal the men’s horses. When they settle down for the night they meet seamen who can help them get off the island and maybe even find the truth about the faith of Tyria.

C.F. Harrow has written a marvellous Epos and I would love to be kept in the loop when a second book comes out. C.F. Harrow is able to capture a scene, a smile, a feeling in very little words which makes this book a breeze to read.

It was an absolute pleasure getting to know Lyxander and Lymeda and C.F. Harrow has you rooting for them from the first page.

Every now and then I had to turn back a few pages because I totally forgot the names of people as they can be quite hard – even though I studied for 6 years.

Conclusion on The Siren Dead

If you are into Historical fantasy fiction – it’s fantasy that is written as if it could have been historical ( I am bad at explaining things, sorry), this book is for you. I would definitely recommend requesting The Siren Dead at your local bookshop or picking one up from Amazon!

It was a pleasure reading The Siren Dead by C.F. Harrow and I am looking forward to the sequel!

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