IGIST – L.S. Larson Review

L.S. Larson makes reading fun again. I was born in 1992 which puts me – give or take a few years – on the edge of kids not growing up with smartphones, and those who do. Because technology is so widespread these days and kids can watch what they want, when they want and where they want as long as they have a phone or tablet in arm’s reach, reading is not as popular with kids as it used to be.

I am not saying that this is a bad thing – it just means that reading might need to evolve into a holistic experience rather than a static one. And L.S. Larson is making excellent progress in guiding this evolution by letting kids and teenagers experience his book through smartphone apps!

IGIST Boob Blurb

According to the one teacher on Earth who believed in her, Emi hadn’t a chance. The space academy of her dreams was more than a reach. The Intergalactic Institute of Science and Technology hadn’t admitted an Earthling for decades. The bygones left on Earth would lead a boring existence if, and only if, they were lucky enough to evade the plague.

Emi always thought she was different, not because her only friend growing up in Rockland was a drone named Sadee, but because she was very determined, albeit obstinately, to become a revered scientist like her late mother. But even a passion for science and good old-fashioned grit could not prepare Emi for the challenges that await in a wide, strange galaxy under the auspices of the Star League.

IGIST Review

I love reading young adult books and I am a fan of science fiction so IGIST was right up my alley! In fact, I loved it so much that I just could not put it down!

IGIST has an incredibly well-crafted premise that might seem a bit typical and overdone at first glance, but L.S. Larson shapes it into something completely different and interesting – especially through his protagonist Emi.

It’s quite hard to put strong female leads onto a page – especially when they are a teenager, but L.S. Larson does an amazing job! Not only is Emi very smart and strong, she is also very independent which allows the author to steer clear of the “saved princess” trope.

But the fact that Emi is a girl does not mean that boys would not like this book, in fact I think that due to the fast pace of the story, the healthy dose of action and Emi’s amazing companions this book is suited for literally everyone. I am still not sure whether or not it is a middle-grade book or a young adult novel – but I do think the book would be more than suitable for kids from 12-13 years onwards.

IGIST also comes with its own Iphone and Android app which helps kids to engage with the story on their mobile devices. This is a very interesting way of integrating technology into a book and I can only applaud the way the app has been set up. I am maybe a bit too old to enjoy it, but I can imagine Year 7 and Year 8 students absolutely going mental over the app!

Conclusion on IGIST

IGIST is a very smart book with a powerful story and a strong protagonist. Even though I first thought the book was going to be “yet another unflawed girl vs the world” novel, I was proven wrong by the ingenuity and the overall originality of the plot.

I would fully recommend buying IGIST for your kids as I am sure they will love it!

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