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Blog Tour – From the Darkness, Dragons’ House Book One

Daniel Fenelli is a man haunted by nightmares of a past he doesn’t remember. Distrustful impulsive cold. Daniel is a man of contrasts. He is also vulnerable, loving and warm.

When his adoptive father, the respectable Detroit businessman and Mafia don, Giuseppe Fenelli, informs him about his plans to ally with the most powerful crime-fighting organization, the Dragons’ House. Daniel has an odd feeling about the whole thing.

Tarquin Ballard is a computer wizard working for the special team as the leader of the Dragons’ House’s cyber squad. A lonely, shy boy, he doesn’t see himself worthy of love. The horrible experiences of his past left wounds running deep in Tarquin’s soul and a heavy burden on his fragile shoulders

When the alliance between the organizations they belong to bring Daniel and Tarquin together, they are instantly attracted to each other. But as the intensity of their feelings grows, the secrets of their past threaten to destroy the romance budding between the two men and dark forces conspire against them.

Will Daniel and Tarquin end up crushed under the weight of all the secrets surrounding them? Or will they find in each other the power they need to rise from the darkness?


From the window of his office, Joe Fenelli noticed the two young men as they approached the house. They were smiling, making small talk and looking completely relaxed. At the sight, the Mafia boss felt his heart swell with pride and joy.

Daniel was the best son a father could ever wish for. Intelligent, brilliant even, loyal, ruthless when the situation required but also caring. He managed to win the respect of most of the men in no time, proving that he had all the necessary qualities to become a great leader when the time came.

As for Abele, he surpassed, by far, Fenelli’s most optimistic expectations. Calm, calculating, he possessed remarkably cold blood, just like Daniel. Wise, he proudly represented the family he had descended from. Except, for now, no one could know who Abele really was. Giuseppe Fenelli could not allow that to happen. He made a promise in that small cemetery in Sicily, before those buried there, and he intended to do everything in his power to fulfill it. When the time came, Abele would return to take back what was rightfully his and to avenge those innocent deaths. For now, though, this would have to wait, as the enemies still lurked in the darkness. As long as Abele lived under Giuseppe’s wing, unaware of his true identity, he was safe.

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