Stars and Nightmares by H.M. Wolfe and E.L. Nelson blog tour


A year after the previous events, with Alexander’s menacing shadow no longer lingering over their heads, the members of the Stark and Bloom clans are gathered at the Connecticut mansion for a well-deserved vacation. New members are welcomed with open arms, but, unbeknown to the family, one of them has secrets locked behind tightly sealed doors, and a deadly enemy hellbent to destroy everyone.

In their game of greed and power, Julianna and Antonia, helped by the shabby duo of lawyers, Weldon and Williamson, are capable of anything to achieve their supreme goal: the world domination. Conroy does everything to help them, even if this means to change the rules of the game, mixing black magic elements in his experiments.

Supernatural creatures cross the border between the Otherworld and the human realm, taking sides in the ultimate confrontation between the Dragons” House and those sworn to take it down. Decisions, magic, love, destiny…Who will fall and who will still standing? Will the stars of the future shine brightly on the sky, or will they be swallowed by the nightmares of the past?

*This novel is the fifth installment in the Dragons’ House series, and cannot be read as a standalone.


Those people worshipped evil under its infinite manifestations, and also practiced human sacrifice as a way to win the favors of the dark deities. What surprised Conroy the most about the island’s inhabitants was that most of them were fluent in both English and French. However, they mostly communicated in a strange language, a series of guttural, unintelligible sounds.

During the almost six months he spent there, Conroy managed to gain the support of the villagers’ civil, military and religious leaders. He promised them he’d bring a lot of sacrifices to the dark gods if they joined his cause. When the scandal provoked by the involvement of the former Senator Mannion died down, and his name was forgotten, Winters came back to the States, thirsty for revenge.

However, he didn’t come alone, as several dark magic practitioners of different ranks accompanied him.

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