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Interview of Wayne McKinstry on The Two Hands of The King

Author Name:   Wayne McKinstry

Book Name:  The Two Hands of The King

Book genre:  Fantasy


Wayne has been an avid reader all his life.  His favorite genre is probably sci-fi/fantasy, although he has read a LOT of fiction over the years.

Some of it has been very good, others make you think “I could do better than that.”  So this book is Wayne’s attempt to “Do better than that”.

Wayne recently retired from a 40+ year career in IT, mainly as a programmer and developer.  The field changes rapidly, to say the least.  Now is a chance to move in new directions.  One of those new directions is writing and publishing fiction.

Wayne and his wife Loretta live in Springfield, IL.  They enjoy travelling and visiting extended family.

By the way, why is sci-fi and fantasy lumped into one category?  Yes, some books combine elements of both.    It just seems kind of lazy to lump them together.

Book Blurb:

Sir Donald and Lord Overton are bitter rivals for the favor of King Phillip deRoyale.  But now their world is threatened by evil creatures, who intend to make this world their own.  Now the two rivals will be tested like never before when their King orders them to work together to deal with this new enemy.  Can these rivals work together?  They will have help from Prince Luke, who is the third son of King DeRoyale.  Also they will work with a Witch and Wizard who have to sort out their romantic feelings while saving the world.

Could you tell me a bit more about your book?

In writing Fantasy, it is a temptation to rely on the Magic to carry the story for you.  I try to show the different characters, and how they interact with one another.  My favorite character is Prince Luke because I have a grandson named Luke.  When writing the scenes with Prince Luke I always picture my grandson.

What inspired you to write the book?

I enjoy the process of creating.  It is fun to create new worlds and characters and then get to know them.  Maybe I wanted to say that there are many dangers in this real-life world, and we would do better to work together and find solutions that benefit all.

What was your process of writing the book?

I do have an outline, sort-of.  So I sit and write a few paragraphs.  Then I have to go back and look at it, to see if I typed what I meant to, or if it makes any sense at all.  I have to keep an eye on consistency, and whether the writing flows properly.  That last part is hard to define but it is quite important. 

Why should people read your book?

I try to tell an engaging story without resorting to profanity or explicit sex.  Maybe I am old-fashioned, but it should be possible to tell a good story that stands on its own two feet.  And I would like my 11-year-old grandson Luke to read it without having to ask his Mom what something means.

What is so special about your story?

It is my intent to create a world with diverse characters, each of which has to deal with personal issues as well as situations in the world around them.  As do we all of course.  The reader interest comes when the reader is able to identify with the characters and say “That could be me.”

Who is your ideal reader?

My ideal reader would of course have to like the whole sword-and-sorcery thing.  Beyond that, my ideal reader would like a good story, and they would want to know what happens next. 

How did you celebrate finishing writing your book?

I did not have a celebration, so maybe I am not a proper writer for that.  I plunged right into the complexities of promoting the book and trying to make it stand out among all the others.  I think that is harder than writing the actual book!

Who is your favourite character in the book?

My favorite character would be Prince Luke, because he reminds me of my grandson Luke.  A lot of times I look at one of my grandchildren (I have six!)  and wonder what the world looks like to them.

If your book would be made into a movie – what actor would you want to play your main character and why?

This is a hard one, because I do not greatly keep up with the movies.  Straightford and Overton would be straight-up men of action, who take action and discuss it later.  Or maybe they don’t bother to discuss it at all.  And they are both alpha-males, which creates tension when they have to work together.

What is your favourite book?

I like the Foundation series, by Isaac Asimov.  Yes that goes way back, but we can learn from the old masters.

What author do you look up to?

I think of Frank Herbert.  In his Dune series he created an enormously complex universe and then he told his story inside of that.  It is best if an author can see himself walking around in the world he has created and I think Frank Herbert did that.

What would you do if your book became an international bestseller?

Then I could hire a lot of people to proofread what I wrote and catch all the embarrassing mistakes.  It would be strange if I was invited to be on the Tonight Show or something like that.

Anything you want to share with my readers?

I am happy for the opportunity to create stories for people to read.  While it is best to write in an established genre, I hope to craft a narrative that readers find “not like everything else”.  

Thank you!

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