In The Star and the Shamrock, we are aware of the life of Elizabeth Klein, living in London, who challenged her Catholic mother to tie a not with her Jewish man who was then murdered during a war. With her pain of losing him she again lost their baby, what a double tragedy? At that point a thoughtful enthusiast decided to recommend for her to get her  education credentials. She stayed away forever from the beautiful Irish countryside of Northern Ireland or to her mother or the home she grew up in.

The star and shamrock by Jean Grainger Blurb

Berlin 1939.

When her husband doesn’t come home one day, Ariella realises that the only way she can ensure her Jewish children’s safety is to avail of the Kindertransport, but can she bear to let them go?

A thousand miles away, Elizabeth Klein has closed herself off from the world. Losing her husband on the last day of the Great War, and her child months later, she cannot, will not, love again. It hurts too much.

But she is all Liesl and Erich Bannon have.

Thrown together in the wild countryside of Northern Ireland, Elizabeth and the Bannon children discover that life in the country is anything but tranquil. Danger and intrigue lurk everywhere, and some people are not what they seem.

From the streets of wartime Berlin, to the bombed out city of Liverpool, and finally resting in the lush valleys of the Ards Penisula, The Star and The Shamrock from USA Today bestselling author Jean Grainger, is unputdownable.

The star and shamrock by Jean Grainger Review

Living in London and having to experience another war, she gets a request from a distant cousin beseeching her to accept their children. Ariella bannon’s husband disappeared in the name of helping a Jewish lady and she realized probably he will never get back home. She is so desperate to get her kids to a safer place and effectively explored the channels to get her kids on the kinder transport but she hopes a relative can get them.

It isn’t long after they are safely taken to her home in London but the city is being bombarded, including her home not leaving the school where she taught. Her mother had died, leaving her with the home she grew up in to Liesel and Erich Bannon. Elizabeth learns that there is a place where all other Jewish kinder transport children have been sent and they have a need of teacher to educate them, that’s the place she meets many support characters, every one of whom are all around fleshed. She meets Daniel Lieber a mechanical engineer and a Jewish displaced person also offering help to the school by taking odd jobs to keep it going.

The all-around designed storyline takes on different aspects, especially depicting a war-time era, doubt, love and support. Elizabeth is excited to be a mother and works superbly at the farm, slowly learning that the kids are underestimated in their cunderstandings of situations. It is a bad time in our history, but love still triumphs over race or language barriers and there are times where humans rally together to benefit all.

This is not just a novel that entertains you and keeps you busy, it also breathtaking and recharges your faith in the integrity of humanity and reminds you that out there, there are people who are ready and willing to help others even without knowing you. It also tells of the pure, true love and compassion that brought different cultures and people together. It is. So if you want your faith be renewed and get entertained at the same time I would recommend you to help yourself and get the start and shamrock by Jean Grainger. It is worth your time and money

To those ones who have lost all hope and want to be lifted up and have their faith restored back to mankind I would highly recommend you go for this book and you won’t regret your choice.