Author Name: Kevin E. Buckley

Book Name: The Secret Sign of the Lizard People

Book genre: Sci-Fi, Satire, Mystery


Born in the United Kingdom but happily dwelling “across the pond”, Kevin E. Buckley has travelled far and wide seeking new experiences and delving into interesting cultures. His travels ultimately led him to the pristine wilderness of the Great White North, the perfect setting for him to freely express his creativity. When not putting pencil to paper, Kevin is a business owner and musician and has played lead guitar with various rock and blues acts in both the Old World and the New.

Book Blurb:

When partners in crime-reduction Jerry “Leafy” Green and Bill “Beefy” Goodness — two of the LAPD’s most skilled homicide detectives — investigate the bizarre killing of a fashion model at the Hollywood Sign it soon becomes clear that this murder is part of a much larger conspiracy that threatens not only the people of America, but the entire population of the planet. As the case progresses, they recruit the help of a Jesus-lookalike ufologist, a streetwise Goth graffiti artist, a world-renowned geneticist, a supernerd cyber investigator, and a fire-and-brimstone inner city reverend. The detectives and their motley crew of improvised freedom fighters must work quickly to take down the tainted global elite and avert the merciless enslavement of humanity that looms large on the horizon.

Could you tell me a bit more about your book? 

An aspiring model is murdered, and the LAPD’s greatest homicide detectives, Leafy and Beefy, are on the case. The clues lead them through the best and worst of California, from drought-dried sewers to a posh country club. They come to the realization that the model’s death is only the tip of an insidious iceberg. The closer Leafy and Beefy draw to solving the case, the closer they are to unmasking the greatest conspiracy in human history. The narrative jumps straight into the action with the discovery of the model’s sensationalist demise. It starts off as a send-up of police procedurals, but becomes more and more absurd as it rolls toward its startling conclusion. The mystery unfurls at a good pace and demonstrates that Leafy and Beefy, regardless of whatever else can be said about them, are devoted and logical professionals. The reveal of the dead model’s true (in)significance is a nice twist, while the text’s variety of settings and suspects keeps it all interesting. In the aggravating heat of a Los Angeles summer, Leafy and Beefy disagree about everything except the importance of fighting for justice. Their well-crafted personalities lend themselves to natural, fluid interactions, and they are enjoyable characters despite their numerous flaws. Even minor characters are distinctive and play their parts well . . . Fanciful, brisk, and irreverent, The Secret Sign of the Lizard People is an eccentric satirical novel that thumbs its nose at the current world order. — Foreword Clarion Reviews

What inspired you to write the book?

There are many reasons for taking on the responsibility of writing a book. For me, three simultaneous — yet seemingly unrelated — occurrences converged to inspire me to create this book. Firstly, the alarming resurgence of global right-wing populism to a level not seen since before the Second World War. (There is a conspiracy here, folks, but it’s definitely not a theory.) Secondly, the immense power and wealth wielded by the giant corporations and their cynical denial of the on-going industrial-scale destruction of our planet’s flora and fauna despite an overabundance of scientific evidence to the contrary. And lastly, but by no means leastly, the huge popularity of the UFO counter-culture and the resultant conspiracy theories that now resonate throughout our literature and social media. The absolute evil of the first two and the arguably harmless absurdity of the last proved such an irresistibly interesting combination, that I had no choice but to tie these themes together and The Secret Sign of the Lizard People came into being.

What was your process of writing the book?

The book was written between 4:00 and 6:00AM in longhand before I went to work, often by the light of a low-burning wood stove. I would jot down any inspirational ideas during the day and type up the hand written notes whenever I had a chance.

Why should people read your book?

Aha! The $64,000.00 question! Primarily for entertainment and a good laugh. But read between the lines and you will understand why I inserted the James Joyce quotation at the beginning of the book: “In risu veritas”.

What is so special about your story?

One point that strikes me as unique is the oftentimes stark contrast between the seriousness of the narrative and the absurdity of the dialogue. This was an intentional desire on my part to provide entertainment and also an informed commentary on the world in which we live. And also, to jar the reader from complacency!

Who is your ideal reader?

Preferably somebody who is empathetic to the human condition, who doesn’t necessarily accept the status quo, is in possession of a fair-sized sense of humour, and is a free thinker.

How did you celebrate finishing writing your book?

I wish I could say that I went on a world cruise with champagne served morning, noon and night . . . but as I recall, I breathed a giant sigh of relief and purchased some Chinese take-out food for myself and my wife. 

Who is your favourite character in the book?

That would probably be Detective Jerome Green, otherwise known as ‘Leafy’ to his intimate friends and colleagues. No doubt about it, Leafy is a flawed persona, some might even say irritating, but he has a somewhat oddball sense of humour and when it comes down to the crunch, his heart is in the right place.

If your book would be made into a movie – what actor would you want to play your main character and why?

There are two main characters in the book, one black and one white: Beefy and Leafy. Two sides of the same American coin. Faizon Love would work well for Beefy because he physically fits the bill and I admire his acting. Adrien Brody reminds me of my mental picture of Leafy and I think he is a very talented actor. It would be an absolute hoot for me to watch my story in a movie and I am confident that both of these fine actors would nail the parts.

What is your favourite book?

1984 by George Orwell

What author do you look up to?

Kurt Vonnegut

What would you do if your book became an international bestseller?

I’d go on a world cruise with champagne served morning, noon and night! And with Chinese food served in between!

Anything you want to share with my readers?

Yes, absolutely. Thank you for reading this all of the way to the end of the interview. Cheers!

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