Guest Post Kat French Blog Tour : How music influences my books

Kat French is currently doing a blog tour to present her absolutely FANTASTIC book Bed and Breakfast on the Beach. I read it and I am a big big big fan of the book. My review will be online tomorrow, but here, today, is a small blog post by Kat French about the music that […]

Blog Tour Guest Post by Philippa Ashley

Blog Tour Guest Post by Philippa Ashley – My secret Cornwall

The Cornish landscape is a dream for a writer, giving endless opportunities for creating dramatic scenes and showing characters’ moods. Tranquil azure seas on a calm day… Crashing waves and storms… Eerie misty moors and quirky fishing villages with narrow cobbled streets… are a gift for any author seeking inspiration. Spectacular landmarks such as St […]


Guest Blog : Taking Risks By Michael Onofrey

The risks I’d like to address are those that a writer might encounter in creating fiction. There are of course risks involving political or religious or social issues, which vary from place to place, but those aren’t the risks I want to talk about, and part of the reason is that I haven’t encountered those […]