Interview : How to make your writing special

This week I will talk to Kadee Carter on how to make your writing special. Let’s face it, agents and publishers get thousands of manuscripts submitted to them every single year. The two things they tend to look at are story and writing. But how can you make your writing better and more attractive and […]

How to write a book in less then a year, even when you have no time at all

Podcast: How to write a book in less than a year, even when you have no time at all

Interview with C.T. Daniels. This week we are talking to C.T. Daniels. Daniels has just finished writing the first book in his Branded series. The series takes the reader into the dark world of human trafficking, following a victim, the family of a victim, a detective and a trafficker. Daniels has always had an interest […]

How to write a book together

Podcast : How to write a book together – interview with A.J. Tipton

AJ tipton is not one but TWO incredible ladies1 They ride together and write together! I was very interested in doing this interview because I would find it very hard to write books with other people. I mean, I would murder someone with a wooden spoon if they “help” me in the kitchen and put […]


How to write book series

Interview with Chuck Buda This week I am talking to Chuck Buda. Chuck Buda writes horror in series. A lot of authors these days choose to write in series. Instead of pushing the whole story in one big book they actually prefer to break up the book in multiple installments. I was quite interested in […]


Writing True Crime

Jeff C Stevenson grew up in South California. When he read an ad in an 1976 magazine about a Christian Rock band The All Saved Freak Band, featuring Glenn Schwartz. This started an interest in what turned out to be a Christian Cult on Fourtney Road. Jeff spent years researching Fourtney Road, conducting interviews with […]


Mindfulness for authors

Interview with Cassie Premo Steele As an author, your brain is always buzzing with ideas. Sometimes it is very hard to shut your brain and thoughts off so you can start writing – start making progress in your story and manuscript. Cassie Premo Steele, author, writing coach and mindfulness enthusiast; explains how she uses mindfulness […]


Poetry Festivals

Interview with Philip Meersman I am so sorry for not uploading an episode sooner but I was an idiot. After what seemed the worst weekend ever ( Boyfriend forgot his ID so could not go to Belgium with me, train delays, long travels and quite a foul mood) I forgot my laptop at my parents´ […]


Engaging with your fans

I am so excited to start podcasting again! I am so so so sorry for not having uploaded a podcast episode last sunday, but I found a job. Well, it’s an internship, but I get paid to do shit so … as the Thai say : same same but different. I have a 1.5 hour […]


How to find and use beta readers

One of the most exciting and best ways to get feedback for your manuscript is by using beta readers. Beta readers are people – they can be family and friends or people you have never even met, that read your book and give you feedback on the manuscript. This way you know that your readers, […]

Becoming a music journalist

Becoming a music journalist

Interview with Jordan Blum A lot of people dream of being a journalist, a writer or just having a day-job where they are able to write and let their creative spirits loose. One way o fachieving this is by becoming a professional journalist. In this interview I talk with Jordan Blum who is a professional […]