Review – A suitable affair by Erica Taylor

Book-depression. That feeling you get after reading a particularly good book, and you don’t want to start another book just yet so you can savour the feeling the story left behind. That’s what this book did to me. A Suitable Affair is hands-down one of the best books I have recently read – and I […]

the club by cornelius moore review

Review – The Club by Cornelius Moore

Reviewing a book is not as easy as it looks: there are so many factors to keep in mind; Does this really represent the book? What if I am wrong, and the hardest one of all: What if this will hurt the feelings of the author? Books are like big fat babies, fathered by the […]

cl taylor the escape book review

The Escape – Review

A few months ago, I think it was just after Christmas, I bought a Jawbone Up. It is a small little band that registers your steps, your workouts and your heartrate. Last week my average resting heartrate went up. What? Why? I had been working out, I had tried (and failed) to eat more healthily […]


Come on up to the House – Review

Come on up to the house is a contemporary horror novella and screenplay written by Dane Cobain. I am a very big horror fan. And I mean big. Not the gore kind. Don’t give me any of the Saw stuff. I can watch it.  But it is not something I would search for actively. I […]


Review : Onyx Webb Book 1 ( episodes 1-2-3)

I remember the day when this book came into my possession. It was a calm and sunny Saturday morning. I had just visited the flea market at the other side of the lake and I was in for a complete Saturday of writing, reading and stuffing my face with the home-made lemon drizzle cake I […]


The Case of the Green-Dressed Ghost Review

Horror and the Paranormal have always been pretty high on my list of interests although this does not mean I believe ( I want to believe, Mulder ). The case of the green dressed ghost fit in perfectly! The case of the Green Dressed Ghost is Lucy Banks’ first novel and the start of the […]

Killing Time Review

What would you do if you were taken captive in a country that is not your own. More : Taken captive for a crime you did not commit? What would you do if they took you for someone else and threw you in jail with murderers and gangsters and rapists? Karl an his friend take […]


The Woman Behind The Waterfall – Leonora Meriel

  Everything is so much simpler when you are young. The same is true for seven year old Angela. For her, the beauty of life comes in honey cake and lilac. The little girl lives in the lush Ukranian countryside and enjoys her neighbours, the sun and the big lilac tree in front of her […]


Ruby Red – Kerstin Gier

Title: Ruby Red Author: Kerstin Gier Publisher: Square Fish Publishing Date: May 22, 2012 Genre: Young Adult I used to be an avid reader. The books on my nightstand changed every week and the city library did not hold any new secrets to me. But somewhere in puberty it went all wrong. I valued boys over […]


Review – The Boot Camp by Kate Harisson

Seven days, Six nights, Three woman with extra heavy baggage and two ex-military men and one big, old, manor house that is everything except for what was advertised. Steph is a curvy, beautiful woman with very low self esteem, vicky is a round mum of three that won a ticket to the boot camp and […]