lieze neven how long copyright after dead

What happens to an author’s masters/publishing rights when they die?

What happens to an author’s publishing rights when they die? Well it might not be a question you want to think about, but let’s face it: nobody lives forever and when the time comes, we want to know that what we have created will be protected by the same rights – copyrights and publishing rights, […]


How do I break a contract with my publisher?

Great! You found a publisher! But what if the services they provide are not up to the standards you were promised? Here is an overview of things you can do to either break the contract or just make things bearable. Investigate This step is one for people that have actually NOT signed a contract with […]

With billion dollar best-sellers being rejected in the past, why do agents and publishers still don't take any chances?

With billion dollar best-sellers being rejected in the past, why do agents and publishers still don’t take any chances?

First of all you need to keep in mind that the publishing business is and always will be a business. It is not a charity. Even THINKING about taking on a book puts the publisher out of money. See taking on a book as a big company like Facebook investing in another, small business. Before […]

will agents publishers reject book published online

Will publishers / agents reject my book if it is published online?

I got this question in my mailbox last week and I thought it was such a good one that I had to make an article out of it. Loads of authors decide to share their work online before they even finish the book. Websites like Wattpad are a great source of comments, critiques and even […]


What to do after finishing your manuscript

Finishing your manuscript can be a burden that falls from your shoulders. Literally. The days of sitting at your desk, hunched over a pile of papers, scrapping words and sentences and even whole plots, just to get your story ready… but what do you do after you finish your manuscript? Edit First of all you […]

is traditional publishing dead

4 reasons why traditional publishing is not dead

A lot of the people I coach are self-publishing because they believe that ” Traditional publishing is dead”. They believe that giants such as Amazon, Kobo and even Ibooks will take over and that people will opt more to buy self-published ebooks over traditional published works. But is this true? No. This is definitely not […]

20 tips for writers from Stephen King

20 tips for writers from Stephen King

Those who have read ” On Writing ” by Stephen King might know that this is one of the most important books to read when you are an author or you want to start writing your book. For those who have not read it yet, you can grab it here. It will be one of […]

44 old money surnames and their meaning

44 old-money surnames and their meaning

Having trouble naming your characters – especially when it comes to the surname? Are you looking to name that old-money protagonist or the stinking rich professor, keen on taking over the world? Here are 44 surnames that will help you name that character! 1. Abbot Meaning : Also Abott or Abbott – From Italian abate meaning […]

5 mobile apps for authors

5 mobile apps for authors

If you are like me, your phone is one of the most important things in the world. I take it everywhere and I am always looking to install a new app or a new titbit. I am listing 5 mobile apps for authors that would make the life as a writer easier! Ommwriter  Ommwriter is […]


Top 10 Mindfulness and guided meditation videos to boost your creativity

1. Are you in a creative slump? Not sure what’s holding you back? Or maybe you just need some new inspiration. This meditation was designed to help people at all different stages of their creative process. 2. Even creative people sometimes need a boost. This simple guided meditation will help you to tap into and […]