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Hi there!

My name is Lieze and I have been running this book blog since 2015. A lot has changed since and what first started out as a publishing and writing blog new grew to be something much bigger. Attracting more than 13.000 readers every single month (and growing!) I have seen this blog grow into something so much more than a hobby.

As I receive between 30 and 50 review requests every single week, I have decided to stop accepting reviews and to only read books I truly want to read. I hope you understand that the sheer number of emails I receive is incredibly overwhelming – it even drove me to abandon my blog for a good year as I was looking up against more than 200 emails in after I ignored the blog for a month and a half when moving to Dubai (which was a very busy time! ).

I tried offering interviews for a while but seen the number of positive responses I had to start planning in interviews more than 6 months in advance!

This is why I have decided to start offering Books of the Day and Author interviews for a small fee. I will also make at least 1 mock up of your book to use on my website which you can obviously use for free.

This money will keep my website afloat and allows me to keep building and maintaining the site.

Book of the day

$5 => Your book will become the book of the day. You will get a permanent page on my website with your book cover, book blurb and there will be a link back to your sales page. Your book will also be prominently featured on the front page.

Author Interview

$5 => You will have your author interview up on my website!

2 Instagram stories with a swipe up

$5 => I have almost 20.000 amazing fans on my Instagram. I will share your book via 2 Instagram stories and a swipe up to your sales page! They will also be featured in my highlights.

1 week advertising on my website

$20 => I will make an advertisement banner on my website for your book and feature you on my front page for 1 week. You will also be featured in the sidebar on my blog posts. A link will take readers back to your website or sales page.

I can only accept Paypal at this moment.

Just fill out the form below and I will contact you as soon as possible!