Do you have a first draft that you want someone to look at? Do you have a partial draft or story you want some feedback on? Then you are at the right address.

I can help you to

  1. Uncover plot holes
  2. See where and when the pacing lacks
  3. Have a look if the characters are believable and real
  4. Get your setting right
  5. Look at your dialogue
  6. And look at the quality of the story

After reading your manuscript I will mail you a very comprehensive report with things to look at and things you are doing well, from which you can edit and update your manuscript.

What genres am I interested in most?

  • Young Adult
  • Romance
  • Chicklit
  • Thriller
  • New Adult
  • Horror


My rates are $0.004 per word. When starting a book I always ask 40% up front via Paypal.
Do you want a free sample of what I can do for you and your book? Send me your four first pages (<1500 words) and I will send you a free report!

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