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Review: The House of Mountfathom – Nigel McDowell

The House of Mountfathom is not a normal house. It is a place of wonder, magic and mystery. Luke, who lives in this magical house and Killian, a street urchin, team up to save House Mountfathom and ultimately the land. Continue Reading
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Interview : How to make your writing special

This week I will talk to Kadee Carter on how to make your writing special. Let's face it, agents and publishers get thousands of manuscripts submitted to them every single year. The two things they tend to look at are Continue Reading
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How to write a scene : 5 steps

What needs to happen in this scene? Plotting is important. Why? Because you need to be in charge of your story. I was one of these authors that let the “characters lead”. And I found out that I just kept Continue Reading
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Review : The Bed and Breakfast on the Beach – Kat French

If Skiledos was a real place, I’d go and live there. The island has great sandy beaches, blue seas and skies, great food and… amazing gin! Winnie, Frankie and Stella, three British women that are rather unhappy with their lives, Continue Reading
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Guest Post Kat French Blog Tour : How music influences my books

Kat French is currently doing a blog tour to present her absolutely FANTASTIC book Bed and Breakfast on the Beach. I read it and I am a big big big fan of the book. My review will be online tomorrow, Continue Reading
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Podcast : The importance of persistence – E A Stripling Interview

E A Stripling has just written her first book and landed a publishing deal. How? Through persistence. First she had to have the persistence to write her book and to push through the patches of writers block and secondly she Continue Reading
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Podcast: How to write a book in less than a year, even when you have no time at all

Interview with C.T. Daniels. This week we are talking to C.T. Daniels. Daniels has just finished writing the first book in his Branded series. The series takes the reader into the dark world of human trafficking, following a victim, the Continue Reading
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Stephanie Butland – Lost for words review

I have an incredibly big soft spot for quirky and romantic books about book worms. I devoured Jenny Colgan’s “the little shop of happily ever after” and I just knew I would absolutely LOVE Lost for words. Loveday Cardew (Loveday… Continue Reading