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Podcast : How to write a book together – interview with A.J. Tipton

AJ tipton is not one but TWO incredible ladies1 They ride together and write together! I was very interested in doing this interview because I would find it very hard to write books with other people. I mean, I would Continue Reading
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How to edit your own novel

Editing your book is incredibly important. Not only will you be able to discover holes in your plot, you will also make the lives of your publisher and editor a whole easier. Here are 7 ways to help you edit Continue Reading
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Blog Tour Guest Post by Philippa Ashley – My secret Cornwall

The Cornish landscape is a dream for a writer, giving endless opportunities for creating dramatic scenes and showing characters’ moods. Tranquil azure seas on a calm day... Crashing waves and storms… Eerie misty moors and quirky fishing villages with narrow Continue Reading
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5 Common Mistakes Freelance Writers Make In Their First Year

  One of the most convenient ways for authors to make money is by freelance writing. But making your writing into a business is not easy. Although I am sure that there is nothing wrong with your writing, there might Continue Reading
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Review – A suitable affair by Erica Taylor

Book-depression. That feeling you get after reading a particularly good book, and you don’t want to start another book just yet so you can savour the feeling the story left behind. That’s what this book did to me. A Suitable Continue Reading
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Review – The Club by Cornelius Moore

Reviewing a book is not as easy as it looks: there are so many factors to keep in mind; Does this really represent the book? What if I am wrong, and the hardest one of all: What if this will Continue Reading
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Why you can only send off your manuscript to one publisher at a time

Reaching out to publishers as a first time or new author can be incredibly scary. This will be the first time your manuscript will be in the hands of someone that will put a commercial value on it – this Continue Reading
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What are the noble ranks and what do they mean?

Emperor An emperor is a ruler or a monarchy that rules over an empire. An empire is a collection of people and nations ruled over by one monarch - the emperor. For instance: The Holy Roman Empire Stretched from the Lowlands Continue Reading