Publishing can be scary. When you are ready with you manuscript and move into the publishing phase, things will change drastically. You won’t be the writer behind his desk anymore, you will have to be the planner, the publisher and the marketeer. As a freelance social media planner, marketeer and public relations freelancer I have helped brands, sole traders and authors to plan out their journey on social media en in the author’s case : in publishing.

When publishing, having a publishing plan is very important. It is of great importance that you know when you will publish, when you approach bloggers and when you start pushing your content and sales via social media.
With my experience in social media, publishing and PR, I can help you make a custom plan that fits your book and expectations and your sales plans.

Included :

  • A one hour Skype Call to go over your manuscript, social media platforms and your current planning in detail
  • A detailed plan on marketing, social media and publishing for your book
  • Twitter For Writers PDF ebook

Rates :

  • $40 for the 1 hour skype call and the detailed plan
  • $20 for a 1 hour skype call
  • $20 for the detailed plan without skype call

Send an e-mail now to plan in a 30 minute intake Skype call to see how we can work together.

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