I love reading books and thus I am very happy to accept books from authors and publishers in exchange for an honest review. I cannot and will not guarantee a time frame. I understand that publishers might want to get reviews out for book tours etc. so there definitely is room to talk!

So where does my preference go out to? Well that is hard to say. I love anything chick lit, I like to read Young Adult and New Adult, I like thrillers and horror, I am very glad to read historical books and crime and… well I basically reads anything that catches my attention except for religious books – even Christian fiction.

Book formats I accept are paperbacks, hardbacks (these will also be featured on my Instagram with 10.000 followers) and electronic formats. Electronic formats will be reviewed with a fee of $50.
Why do I ask a fee? Well, I get about 20 requests for eBook formats a day and I feel a bit iffy about them. I put in a lot of time reading, reviewing and taking pictures of the books I review and not getting anything of value in return leaves me as a reviewer hanging (sorry not sorry) so the fee makes up for the book I will not be able to put in my book case and is fairer to the people that take out the time and money to send out a book.

All my reviews are honest. I know some authors ask me to send the review to them first before it will be posted but this is something I will never ever agree to. My review is honest, the views are my own and people are free to comment after the review goes online. Obviously if publishers ask for the reviews to be delayed ( for instance if under 3 stars ) due to book tours, I will happily do so, but asking me to change the review or to not post it is something I will not tolerate.

Reviews will be posted on Kobo, Waterstones, Goodreads and Amazon.

If you would like me to review your book, please use the contact form and include title, author, book, genre, publication date and blurb of the book.

I am very happy if authors would link to my reviews on their pages and websites if they liked the review. When doing so I would ask them to only post the first 100 to 150 words and link back to my blog.